AltonaLab temperature sensor


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Product Description

AltonaLab Temperature sensor is an easy to use board, which works in range -20..+100 C, accuracy: 1%. The board has a connector with three screws – ground, power +5V and signal output. The measured output voltage Vout of the sensor can be converted to temperature using the expression below:

T = (Vout-2.7315)*100.0

In case, the Vout is measured with ADC 0..3.3V, it would be good to be used a connector board with a resistor divider 1.5k/3.0k.

The used sensor element is LM335.

Only for information, the sensor can work with 12V power supply, but in this case, the only resistor on the board has to be changed to 4.7k.

The board can be used very easy at AltonaLab software, just add the block AltonaSensorTemp from Sensors library: