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Sensors with I2C interface

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  • Numato VCNL4000 – Integrated Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor


    VCNL4000 is a fully integrated Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor with Infrared built in LED with I2C Interface. This is a very compact chip that can be used to ready ambient light and proximity with no other supporting components. I2C interface makes it easy to use this sensor with Arduino and other microcontrollers.

  • Numato APDS9002 Ambient Light Sensor Breakout


    APDS9002 is a low-cost analog-output ambient light photo sensor in chip LED surface mount package. Very small package and hard to solder manually. So we make it easy for you with this breakout board. APDS9002 consists of a spectrally suited phototransistor, which peaks in human luminosity curve. Hence, it provides an excellent response that is close to the response of human eyes.

  • Numato MMA7455 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer Module


    MMA7455 is a very low power 3 axis digital accelerometer from Freescale Semiconductors. It's micro machined nano structure is capable of measuring acceleration along its X, Y and Z axes. This chip has built in analog amplifiers, Analog to Digital Conversion circuit and an SPI/I2C capable bus interface. MMA7455 supports three sensitivity ranges, ±2g, ±4g, ±8g. MMA7455 can be configured to detect and measure motion pulses, taps and free fall along any of its axes. Two interrupt pins INT1 and INT2 can be configured to interrupt the CPU when any of these events occur.