AltonaLab Air pressure sensor


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Product Description

AltonaLab Air pressure sensor is an easy to use board, which works in range -15kPa ~ 115kPa, Accuracy: 1.5%. The board has a connector with three screws – ground, power +5V and signal output. The measured output voltage Vout of the sensor can be converted to kPa pressure using the expression below:

P = Vout/0.0045 + 100.55

In case, the Vout is measured with ADC 0..3.3V, additional connector board is needed with a resistor divider 1.5k/3.0k.

The used sensitive element is MPXA6115A6U. It has an operating temperature range -40C..+125C and is internally temperature compensated.

The board can be used very easy at AltonaLab software,just add the block AltonaSensorAirPress from Sensors library:

Air pressure sensor