About us

Our main product is AltonaLab IoT software. It works on Windows OS and has a graphical CAD environment, suitable for design of different kinds of digital and analog processes.

Read all the documentation here.

Hobby licence includes functional blocks for:

  • SNMP protocol;
  • FTP uploader, e-mail;
  • WEB cam visualisation;
  • Supports all Numato modules;
  • Universal block for serial communication;
  • FTDI relays;
  • DBF and SQL database;
  • Calculations with DateTime;
  • Digital logic AND, OR, NOT and many other. Triggers;
  • Signal generators;
  • GPS calculations;
  • Complicated mathematical expressions;
  • Timers;
  • Weather blocks – weather forecast, WindRose, Sun rise/sun set, Supports Heavy weather software and WS2350 weather station;

The system has TCP/IP Server which allows remote control through a mobile phone. The access is password protected. It is possible the values from the controlled processes to be visualized on the phone.

Industrial licence additional blocks:

  • ModBus TCP/IP client, ModBus Server;
  • I, PI, PID, D regulators;
  • Counters, Totalizer;
  • Export to Microsoft Excel, export to Microsoft Word;
  • Layers – one diagram can be build on many layers;
  • Users and permissions;

Video demos:

A simple diagram with relay:


Temperature control of electrical bulb:


A bluetooth control of a toy car:


An experiment with PRB-0.6-7 0.6 temperature sensor:


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