Weather monitoring station


A station for weather monitoring:

  • Air temperature and humidity;
  • Air pressure;
  • Wind speed and direction;
  • Rain;
  • WEB cam;

Can be added additional sensors for sea temperature, soil temperature, air quality;

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Product Description

Mini computer is placed in a metal box with hot isolation. The box is ventilated for summer time and has a heater for winter time. Battery with UPS is included. It can survive around 7 hours without 220V power supply. The monitoring station uses AltonaLab SCADA software. On every 1 min the read data from the sensors are saved to local DBF database. On every 10 min new graphic reports are generated and uploaded to FTP server. AltonaLab SCADA software generates some special graphics as Wind rose and weather forecast too.

The software allows many weather stations to send collected data from sensors to central computer and the data to be imported to SQL database.

Example for real OnLine weather monitoring station: