SNMP Controller 24 IO


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Product Description

The board is very powerful and fast and can be used for many purposes. The board power supply is 12V.

The board has three ports. Each of the eight pins of the Port P3 and Port P5 can be set as digital inputs or outputs. Port P6 has eight pins too, but they can be only analog inputs:

How to connect a digital output to LED:

How to read a state of a TTL signal:

The board can be very easy controlled from AltonaLab software, just add a block SNMPController from SNMP library, set the IP address of the board and set the needed state of every pin of the Ports as Input or Output:

A new produced board has a default IP address: The IP address can be changed with AltonaLab interface located in TAB Settings, Icon: SNMP Devices:

The default factory settings can be restored using a jumper “Restore to default”, located on the board. For this purpose, turn OFF the board, place a jumper, turn ON the board. The second LED on the board will start to blinking. After a few seconds, remove the jumper.

For new board version, the Reset to default jumper has to be placed between pins 2 and 5 of the connector JP2.