Silicon electronic heater 12V 10W


Silicon electronic heater 12V 10W

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Product Description

Max. Temperature: 250 celsius

Model: 10W 12V

Surface temperature: 1 ~ 200 celsius

The maximum voltage: 220 (V)

The thickness: 1.5 (mm)

Main application: heating

The operating temperature range -60 celsius and 250 celsius for a long time of heating, heating core has high metal

alloy resistance and two metal engraving sheet.

High temperature insulation materials of 300 celsius

Maximum operating temperature: 250 degrees

Insulation resistance: = 200 Omega M / DC 1000V

The compressive strength of more than or equal to AC1500v / 5S

Power deviation: + 5%

Orange color

Weight: 14g

Material: Silicone

Size: 60mm X 60mm