PC Restarter


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Product Description

The board will help you increase the reliability of your computer system to infinity. This means your computer will never stop! A controlled from the computer pulsing signal has to be connected to the digital input of the board Pulse. The board has two relays. One relay is powerful and its normally closed contact is leaded to connector PC Pow, where the computer’s power supply has to be wired in series. The other relay is low-power and its normally open contact has to be connected in parallel to the Reset button of the computer.

The digital input Pulse of the device has to be constantly switches to low and high levels. This means the computer works. The time in each level must be between 0.7 sec and 3 sec. If within 10 seconds, the input signal stops pulsing, ie. it remains only low or only high, this means that the computer is crashed. Then the following events will occur sequentially:

– The powerful relay will open its contact for 5 seconds, which will stop the power to the computer;

– The computer will turn ON and PC Restarter will wait 15 seconds;

– The second relay will be activated, which will press the Reset button for 8 sec;

– PC Restarter will wait 4 min. This time is enough to the computer to be started even there are Windows updates which are needed to be installed;

After all these actions, the device will start waiting for the pulse signal again on its digital input, if it is not detected in 10 seconds, the process of restarting the computer will be repeated again to infinity;

The board needs two power supplies: +5V for the processor and +12V for the relays. Pulses can be with 3.3V or 5V level and can be easy generated from a board with GPIOs.