Temperature sensor LM335. -40..+100 [°C]


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Product Description

Video demos:

Temperature control of electrical bulb:


The LM335 is an easy to use, relatively precise temperature sensor. The sensor’s characteristic is linear. It will be delivered with additional 4.7k resistor and 100n capacitor.

Features & Specifications

•Accuracy is ±0.5°C

•Temperature Range: -40°C to 120 °C

The electrical diagram is shown below:

The sensor’s output voltage changes with 10mV per one Kelvin degree and can be converted to temperature in °C via the next expression:

Temperature[°C] = (SensorOutput-2.7315)*100.0

If we use 10 bits Analog to digital convertor and the analog input is in range 0..5V, then the conversion is:

Temperature[°C] =(((5.0*SensorOutput)/1024.0)-2.7315)*100.0

The measured temperature is in degrees centigrade [°C].