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  • Numato 8 Channel Bluetooth GPIO Module


    Numato’s 8 Channel Bluetooth GPIO module is low cost easily deployable solution for connecting your PC to other electronic circuitry through Bluetooth. A USB Bluetooth Dongle or Bluetooth integrated PC/Laptop would be sufficient to communicate with this device. 8 TTL compatible GPIOs available and 6 Analog input channels (shared with GPIOs). 10 Bit Analog input resolution. All GPIOs can be individually configured as input or output. 20ma Source/Sink capacity per IO.

  • Numato 8 Channel Bluetooth Relay Module


    8 Channel Bluetooth Relay Module is great for controlling your devices over Bluetooth link without any RF design knowledge. This module is designed to plug in to your design seamlessly. Individual relay can be controlled by simple commands. Numato’s 8 Channel Bluetooth Relay Module provides exceptional value for money.

  • Numato 8 Channel Ethernet Relay Module


    Numato Lab 8 Channel Ethernet Relay module allows controlling electrical devices remotely through Ethernet. This is very helpful in those situations where the device that needs to be controlled is located far from the PC and thus can not run USB cable. Numato Lab Ethernet Relay modules are designed to be very easy to setup and use. This product has 8 on board relays and 10 GPIOs. Each relay/gpio can be individually controlled through the built in easy to use web interface or through any popular terminal emulator that supports TELNET protocol.

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    Numato 8 Channel Relay Controller Board


    Numato 8 Relay breakout module is a smart choice for controlling higher current loads from your microcontroller development board, PC parallel port or your favourite Arduino. This board has eight on-board relays which can switch up to 10A. All relay terminals (C, NC, NO) are accessible through screw terminals which makes wiring up the board very easy. The relays are driven by popular darlington array ULN2803. Relay coil is rated for 12VDC.


    • Very compact and easy to wire up
    • 1.6mm FR4 PCB with Green solder mask and white silk screen
    • Connects directly to TTL devices (Microcontrollers, Arduino etc..)
    • Eight Relays with three pin screw terminals for easy connectivity


    • Home Automation
    • Industrial Automation
    • Lighting Control
    • Garden Equipment Control
    • Test Fixtures
    • DIY and Hobby

  • Numato LM317 Variable Voltage Regulator Breakout


    Compact, easy to use LM317 variable voltage regulator breakout board. Screw terminal for input and output.

  • Numato Opto Isolator Breakout – PC817


    Opto isolation can be very helpful in protecting your sensitive devices such as microcontrollers and FPGAs from noise and higher voltages present when using Motors, Relays and other actuators. When prototyping on a bread board, it can be a real hassle wiring up everything and the circuit can end up looking like a rat’s nest. This breakout board helps to add opto isolation to any circuit with minimum amount of wiring.

  • Numato USB Multi Voltage Power Supply


    Numato Lab’s USB Multi Voltage Supply Module is a versatile product which can power other circuits from a USB port. This board has 4 different voltage outputs. It can accept power from USB or using an external connector. There are four voltage regulators which provide output voltages 5V, 3.3V, 2.5V & 1.2V. Onboard screw terminals makes it easy to attach external circuits to this board.